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Being a business leader isn’t always an easy task. We can help you make informed decisions. Discussing business with your peers can help you find and apply best practices, find that ideal site, and access the right financing to help your business grow. Contact us to learn more.

Virginia has long been the best state for business. With low operating costs, a pro-business environment, access to global markets and a skilled and educated workforce, Virginia makes it easy for businesses to say “Yes” to more opportunities, more growth and more success.


Business Climate
Pro-Business Advantages
  • Strategic east-coast location and excellent infrastructure provide easy access to national and global markets.
  • Stable, low tax costs for corporations and individuals and a 6% corporate income tax.
  • Minimized payroll costs with low worker’s compensation rates and a low unemployment tax.
  • Favorable business environment that protects “at will” and “right-to-work” employment practices.
  • One of the highest-ranked states in high-technology employment.
  • 29 established Technology Zones
  • A vibrant and diverse multi-cultural community where employees can live and work.
  • An experienced, educated and productive workforce puts Virginia in the top 10 states for productivity.
  • Recruitment and training programs to help businesses become operational faster and maintain their competitive advantage.
  • More than 1,800 qualified buildings and sites located across the Commonwealth. Local available sites can easily be searched by clicking here